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Brainstorm & Musiqq – The sky fell inside you (“Debesis iekrita tevī”)

LINK TO VIDEO Izpildītajs/Artist: Musiqq & Prāta Vētra (Brainstorm) Mūzikas autors/Music by: Marats Ogļezņevs Vārdu autors/Lyrics by: Marats Ogļezņevs Tulkojums/Translated by: Ladie Storm Rediģēts/Edited by: Rae LV ENG Tavu sapņu lietus nolijis Tavas visas zvaigznes debesīs Tavas lūpas vārdu sasildīs Tavās rokās saule uzausīs The rain of your dreams has fallen All your stars are… Continue reading Brainstorm & Musiqq – The sky fell inside you (“Debesis iekrita tevī”)


Update #1: Quick words

I added a page to the blog where I’ll be putting a list of all kinds of quick words in Latvian for you to learn. Updates with the newest information will be made every now and then to not spam the blog all too much with that sort of stuff. Just make sure to check in there every once in a while, as those are pretty easy to make and will appear more frequently than other things on here. ^^

The link to the page is right here: Quick Words

So go check it out and if you have any suggestions as to what kind of words/phrases you’d like to see there, don’t be afraid to leave a comment! 🙂

Thank you for reading!


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Lauris Reiniks – The hours when you’re not there (“Stundu, kad tevis nav”)

Lauris Reiniks – Stundu, kad tevis nav (video) Izpildītajs/Artist: Lauris Reiniks Mūzikas autors/Music by: Lauris Reiniks Vārdu autors/Lyrics by: Martiņš Freimanis Tulkojums/Translated by: Rae LV ENG Stundu, kad tevis nav, Es atļaujos skumt. Domās es skaitu līdz, Kā sirds mana trīs. Soļi tik klusi skan. Tie – visi man. Varbūt tas tikai māns? Varbūt …… Continue reading Lauris Reiniks – The hours when you’re not there (“Stundu, kad tevis nav”)

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The Sound Poets -Over Mountains (“Kalniem Pāri”)

The Sound Poets – Kalniem pāri (video) Izpildītajs/Artist: The sound poets Mūzikas autors/Music by: Jānis Aišpurs Vārdu autors/Lyrics written by: Jānis Aišpurs Tulkojums/Translated by: Rae LV ENG Kara laukā tu un kara laukā es, Brīdis neatļauj vairs spēlēt paslēpes. Dzirdi. You’re on the battleground and I’m on the battleground, The moment doesn’t let you play… Continue reading The Sound Poets -Over Mountains (“Kalniem Pāri”)